Jessica Bunny Thomas - TV Fetish Model

Common questions I have been asked.

1. Why?
Besides making me feel "physically good",
it makes me feel mentally good as well about myself.
I've never really liked getting dressed up in a men's suit.
But put me in an evening gown and I feel like a million bucks!
Also and most important, I am not all spiritually male.
In fact, I am around 50% male & female in spriit.
And even then, I fluctuate depending on whats going on in my life.
2. What do you do when dressed up?

I have reached a level of self confidence where I get dressed up & just go out with friends.

Of course, I have plenty of holiday, special occasion & Not Safe for To Wear In Public outfits.
In those cases, I go to parties & events.

3. Why did you performBurlesque?

I reached a point in my modeling where finding a good photographer was getting difficult.
I wanted to be creative and somehow move to a next level.
I started taking classes at a dance studio.
They were all so fun & encouraging!
Eventually, through fate, I came across Kitty Victorian at a show.
I met her through a good friend of mine a while ago.
After enrolling in Burlesque University, I graduated in November 2013 and performed on stage.

Lately, I'm back to focusing on modeling.

4. How many outfits do you have?

Alot more then my Men's clothing.
I'm one of the few guys who understands why it takes so long for women to get ready and why they have so many pairs of shoes.

I've started to seriously make my own outfits now. Im so awesome! Eventually, when I see a video game or Anime outfit I would love to have, I can just go to the fabric store & make it!

5. So, why do you have so many pairs of shoes?
Easy. You don't just buy an expensive car stereo without buying the expensive amp & speakers? You don't buy a set of golf clubs without buying tees, a bag, new balls, etc.
Get it?
6. Do you shave your legs?
Yes. Its not that difficult. Shaving other parts...thats not easy.
7. How do you deal with facial hair?
laser for less. What a difference! Quick, easy, cheap!
8. Ever had your legs waxed?
When I 1st wore the Sailor Uranus costume, I had it done.
Anyone who tells you a tattoo hurts more can go to hell!
9. Where do you put "IT" when you are performing?
Its called a dance belt. Its for male ballet dancers. Think about it.
I have enough down there that its not easy to tuck it & them underneath and they just stay there.
10. What is your favorite outfit and why?
A tough one. I have so many favorites!
11. Do you wear lacy underwear under your outfits or do you wear tighty whites?

I no longer own any men's underwear.
This way I can feel pretty all day, every day in some way.

12. Aren't womens underwear uncomfortable on a man?

NO! They are much more softer & comfortable.
And thats just the cotton ones.
The Satin ones, OH YEAH!
I actually wear a garter belt & stockings in the winter.

13. Why would ANYONE wear a bra that didn't have to?

If you are not going to do something right, don't do it at all.
Besides, if you are wearing one properly, it shouldn't be uncomfortable.

14. How long did it take you to get used to walking in heels?

The earliest heels I remember wearing were a really cute black strappy pair my mother had. They barely fit but I had no problem walking in them. Great sense of balance I guess.

The heels for the Dorothy costume are 5" heels.
I can walk in them as long as it's on flat ground.

15. How hard is it to find shoes in your size?

I've discovered I wear such a similar size men's & women's shoes because of foot width.

Took a while to figure that out! I have thinner feet at the ball of my foot than the average male of size 10.
Which allows me to wear women's 10 or 11 (depending on style)

16. Do you like to wear hats?
Lately Yes. But the pretty ones are expensive.
17. How did you learn to put on makeup?
Originally taught by friends and my mom.
I have learned alot over the years & different techniques from all sorts of people.
18. ...and do you feel more or less is better?
Being an artist in almost every media, its really a matter of enough makeup. It does depend on the person.
But more towards the less side is preferred by me.
19. Do your friends know?
And what do they think?

All of my friends here in AZ know.
Everyone is always so supportive of it.
After a trip back home to NJ, i learned most out there now know.

20. What does your family think? and/or do they know?
My mother understands now.
And the rest of my family knows and fully supports it.
21. How often do you cross dress?
I dress when time allows it. I do have a "normal" guy job.
22. Which side of you do you prefer?
I like being me no matter how I look.
23. Why the name Jessica Thomas?
An odd story actually.
There was a co-worker named Ben at one of my jobs.
He noticed my eyebrows were plucked.
I really didn't want my bosses to know about this side of me.
But I am very open about it and told just him.
He was very cool about it.
He made a good joke the next day calling me Jeffica.
I liked it alot, but made it Jessica.
Thomas is my male middle name.
24. Whats with the middle name of BUNNY?

My other "alter ego" is a cartoon evil bunny rabbit.
Tattooed on my right arm.
Most to All of my friends call me bunny. It carried over.

25. What are your other tattoos?

On my right upper arm is my other "alter ego", a cartoon evil bunny rabbit.
On my left arm is now 2:
4 Chineese symbols: (Drink)(Water)(Think)("Of its roots")
Meaning, "Never forget who you are or where you come from."
The other is a black ribbon that says: Janek 5-13-04
On my back shoulders are my dragon wings.

26. Who is Janek?
(Pronounced Yon-ek)
Janek was a close friend & drummer of a band I had.
He sadly died of Heroin.
He was free of the hardcore drugs for a long time
but had an opportuinty to get some & had a relapse.
Once you are on the hardcore drugs, you can never get off of them.
His loss changed my life. I would probably not be performing burlesque if it hadn't happened.
27. Whats with all the costume links & costumes you own?

In a way I blame this on my mother. She rocks!
All my life she has made me custom costumes for Halloween.
I guess it carries over to my feminine side.
I just love the whole fantasy thing!
Eventually, when I have kids, I'll be the one making kick ass costumes for them.

28. Will you get any more tattoos?
Theoretically, yes.
2 more definitely.
29. Do you have a favorite look?
I love the sissy/little girl look.
As well as the glamorous look too.